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Our Route

Where We Have Been:

October to December 2009 – USA Roadtrip (View US Roadtrip Route Map)

Jan 2010 – Fiji

Jan 2010 to Feb 2011 – Australia

Feb to March 2011 – New Zealand

March to October 2011 – Australia

October 2011 – Bali, Indonesia

October 2011 – June 2012 – back in Australia

June 2012 – Singapore

July -August 2012 – USA

Where We are Going:

August – September 2012 – France

September 2012 – Spain

October 2012 – Germany






and maybe more…


Comment from Leah
Time November 4, 2010 at 7:17 pm

I’m soooo jealous! I haven’t looked at your site it way too long… then I got lost in it for about a half hour and was late to my gym class : ) no worries. I hope you both are doing wonderfuly!! I’m sad we couldn’t meet up with you when you were in seattle, Brandon was bummed to but it’s our fault for not keeping better track of your status. How long do you plan to live in AU? WHat jobs are you doing? Stay there, our econ sucks and not the Republicans have the house…there is nothing but fighting and finger pointing… it makes me want to move away.

We are doing pretty good other then the state of the country. : ) We are married (as you saw) and we bought a house in a pretty awesome portland neighborhood that we love! I have a front porch and will start my garden next year. I can walk to the store and there are a ton of bars and eateries around. It’s the dream with the exception I still don’t have a planning job (sucks so much) so I’m stuck in my underemployment gig for too long. But other then that things are good!

Keep living it up, I’ll be better about keeping track. Love you guys!

Leah “Fisher” ; )

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