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Happy 2013!

Posted: December 31st, 2012 by Scott

Thinking back on 2012, we feel that we’ve been super fortunate. We’ve been able to do and see an awful lot as well as share and create memories with some great friends and of course our families. All these experiences taught us quite a bit, here’s a few lessons learned this year:

We learned New Years in Sydney is AMAZING!

We learned that if you move to another country, and wait long enough, people will visit you!

The Johnsons visited!

Friends from University, Garrett, Dana, Henry, Tony, Emma and Alicia visited too!

We learned that some of those visitors might not leave… they stayed with us for 5 weeks, then got jobs and moved to Australia for the year!

We learned that even in Australia there’s an issue with illegal aliens.

Saw some fish

We learned that some fish are big!

We learned how to make new friends in the most unlikely spots.


We learned how to fix a bumper with duct tape and zip-ties after an episode of “When Kangaroos Attack!”

We learned that Henry could have been a very profitable street performer 100 years ago.

We learned that in Singapore Less is NOT More, More is More

We learned that I’m the “Fun Australian Uncle Who Keeps Kangaroos As Pets” to my friends’ kids.


We learned that Courtney does not like sitting in the front on Splash Mountain.

For more than one reason

We learned how to make Texas style Beef Brisket


Then learned what its really supposed to taste like.

We learned that I’m a pretty good man, some would even call me the “best”.

We learned that the 5 Euros that your mate in Australia gave you will get you something pretty delicious in Paris.

We learned that goats are cheeky little fellas.

We learned that a liter of beer at Oktoberfest is really enough.

We learned that Chinese women like to pose like this for pictures. Also learned that Courtney is more Chinese than earlier suspected.

We learned that Chinese people really DO eat dog, but would prefer that you took pictures of vegetables instead.

We learned that snake’s blood and rice wine is surprisingly not too bad.

We learned that banana peels and plastic bags make a pretty good impromptu burn remedy. (And Scott learned that Bananas are actually pretty tasty!)

We learned that Cambodian wats look an awful lot like Thai wats which, I guess, is not that surprising.


We learned that the Khmer Rouge did some atrocious things to their own Cambodian country men and women and children!

We learned that personal privacy in Asia isn’t really a big deal.

We learned that monks need to do laundry too!

We learned that a scooter can be a “Family Vehicle”

And can be used to transport just about anything.

We learned that bananas, coconut sugar and rice can turn into something amazingly delicious.

We learned that ancient temples were not built for people my height.


We learned where I get my great mustache from, and that Courtney is not a big fan of it.

We learned where I get my great mustache from, and that Courtney will be much happier when it’s gone!

But most of all we learned how great it is to be back home with family for the holidays.

Happy holidays and hope 2013 is another great one!

Happy holidays and hope 2013 is another great one!


Comment from Hipp
Time January 2, 2013 at 6:56 am

So what does ’13 hold for you guys? Sorry our trip to Australia did not overlap with y’all.

Comment from Henry
Time February 1, 2013 at 7:15 pm

Is there anything left to learn? You can basically see the matrix now.